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Buyers are bombarded with heaps of digital content on a daily basis. It’s everywhere. Chances are you’ve been subject to a lot of marketing material just to get here, where you are currently enjoying some more digital marketing.

This constant barrage of blogs, brochures, infographics, sales presentations and ads gives people content-fatigue, and most content gets ignored.

For marketers, this means content has to work extra hard to compete. How do you ensure your content is memorable? How do you keep people engaged? How do you present all the relevant information without resorting to a wall of text? A simple answer to all these questions is: interactive content.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content turns digital content into interactive experiences. Combining media (text, video, graphics etc.) and presenting it in a way customers can explore in their own time. At Tectonic Proserv, we create interactive content in the form of microapps, thanks to our partnership with Tiled – the leading provider of microapp technology.

Microapps allow us to design interactive content in a straightforward and efficient way. It’s much better to see them in action than to read about them. We use microapps as a key part of our website. All our service related content has been designed and built to be a microapp. Check them out.

Microapps can take on almost any form and are often much simpler to create than a full web experience. In B2B, you could have an interactive product brochure, or factsheet, or case study.

For B2C, it could be a product promotion for – say – a new watch. Customers could see what it would look like with different straps or open a picture to see what it looks like inside. Clothing brands can show off their range of colours at the touch of a button. Car manufacturers could offer digital tours of vehicle interiors, along with an interactive display of what sits under the bonnet. To a certain extent, you could say microapps are only limited by the imagination.

For other industries like e-sports, gaming and entertainment, it is all about the fans. Imagine the type of experiences you could create for them (watch this space, because that is exactly what we are doing!)

Personalized content

Content is also more memorable when it is personalized. Whether it’s a smart form, infographic or digital sales pitch, interactive content lets you add that personal touch and get you lodged in your customer’s memory. Tiled makes this a straightforward process. At Tectonic Proserv, we have made personalized content on behalf of our customers and even from ourselves to our customers. We are finding it’s having a positive result, especially during a period of remote working, when the lack of face-to-face meetings stops us from deploying our usual charm.

Cost effective and no code

You may be thinking that interactive content sounds all well and good, but it also sounds expensive and difficult? Nothing is further from the truth. Thanks to Tiled’s powerful platform and no-code approach, creating interactive content is easy. You don’t need developers. Those with good design skills and knowledge of PowerPoint, XD or sketch will be up and running quickly.

The biggest tip we can give you though, is to think differently about your approach to content. It’s all about the user experience rather than squashing masses of content onto a single page.

Tiled Premier Design Partner

For those needing Tiled creative support, Tectonic Proserv have been awarded with Tiled’s top-tier design accreditation. As a Premier Design Partner we are experts when it comes to producing quality microapps. We have worked with a number of businesses on their creative projects, either as a one off or via our unique ongoing managed service.

Tiled Reseller

You can buy Tiled from us under annual or our exclusive monthly subscription service.
Find out more here: Tectonic Interactive Services for Tiled.

or contact:

UK Sales: Freephone 0800 999 2446
US Sales: Freephone 1 855 456 9677
Email enableme@tectonicproserv.com

You might also want to visit Tiled’s website.

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