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The holidays are now officially over and it’s time to get back to work. It’s just as well, as we recently announced the addition of several new services to our catalogue. We thought it good to quickly recap what these new services are. 

Completing the journey.

Tectonic’s heritage comes from sales enablement consulting and advisory services. Then three years ago we began began not just advising, but also implementing enablement platforms – primarily Seismic. Today we offer and expanded set of implementation services for Seismic, Highspot, Showpad, Clearslide and Bigtincan.

One thing we’ve learned is that the implementation phase is only the beginning of the journey for our clients. Our expertise now been put to good use and, over the last year, we’ve piloted and built a new managed service function which aims to run, maintain and manage the day to day operations of your chosen enablement platform.

The second thing we learned is that enablement platforms thrive on content. Content that is usually managed using elements of the enablement platform’s own technology. We realised that traditional external agencies could not cope with the level of integration content enablement platform’s have, and we sought to close that gap. This is where our enablement platform-ready creative services came from.

In the last year, and with significant investment, we have built, crafted and fine tuned our business into a design studio. We have helped our clients create sales presentations, Seismic LiveDocs and (now with our new Tiled partnership) interactive microapps.

Tectonic Proserv: Enablement consulting, implementation, operations, content and interactivity.

New for 2021 – Managed services for enterprise enablement platforms

Owning, managing, maintaining and governing an Enterprise enablement platform can be resource and cost intensive. Tectonic Proserv relieve this pressure, providing your business with a dedicated team of experts that ensure your enablement platform runs smoothly and at minimal cost.

It’s about having the right skilled and trained people exactly when you need them – perhaps at the start of your implementation; or to cover for internal staff changes, or to help deliver expansion projects on-time when you are pushed to your limit.

Our managed service covers everything required to manage your platform day-to-day. The service’s four main pillars are administration services, content management services, creative services and the Newsdesk services. Together, they form our managed services offering, which is offered in part or as a suite of services.

New for 2021 – The LiveDocs Design Studio

We’ve partnered with Seismic for as long as we’ve been in business and we love Seismic LiveDocs.

Over the years, we’ve built many of them. We use them ourselves and our sellers love them.

Today we announced our LiveDoc Design Studio – a team of LiveDoc designers ready to help you design, test and maintain all your LiveDocs. So, whether your LiveDoc needs are simple or complex, we are here to help and offer you additional capacity to get your projects delivered on time. Take a look at our LiveDocs microapp which will tell you all about this new service.

New for 2021 – The Sales Presentation Studio

When it comes to professional enablement, you need world-class sales presentations that match your ambition. Our design team have built hundreds of decks and thousands of slides, but despite the volumes, the most important thing about them is the approach we take to understand what makes a good presentation great.

Our Sales Presentation design studio gives you access to our presentation designers for single projects or continuous support with a retained managed service. Learn how we make sales presentations impossibly clear by visiting our sales presentations microapp and seeing what we can do.

If you are fortunate to have an enablement platform, our creative team will also integrate all your new content directly into and through your chosen platform, giving additional economies of scale.

New for 2021 – The Interactive Design Studio

Tiled microapps are the next big thing in digital marketing. Interactive content offers businesses the chance to stand out from their competitors through engaging experiences. Through microapps, customers can explore your content in their own time, focussing on what interests them. Interactive content is multi-layered and therefore much more memorable and effective.

Over the past year our design team have been busy learning the Tiled platform and honing our UX design skills. We’ve been recognized with Tiled’s top-tier Premier Design Partner award, and have recently announced our new strategic partnership. The partnership allows us to sell the Tiled platform, provide implementation and training services as well as offer Tiled customers our amazing interactive design studio services. You can find out what we do by visiting our Tiled interactive services microapp

What can Tectonic Proserv do for you?

Enablement is a fast growing industry, with more and more businesses looking for robust solutions to help them do more, with greater efficiency.

Tectonic Proserv offer a complete end-to-end enablement service, from setting your (sales) enablement strategy and choosing the right platform, through implementation and enablement platform operations. Then we help you populate your platforms – from creation and maintenance of winning sales presentations to designing automated documents like Seismic LiveDocs. And now, creating and designing amazing interactive experiences with Tiled Microapps.

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About us
We are a specialist enablement services supplier.
Our business is split into three main areas:


Consulting and Advisory:

We improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms.


Enablement Managed Services
Our enterprise-grade managed services provide expert resources to help run, operate and maintain your chosen enablement platform.
Creative Design Studio
Our enablement design studio builds amazing presentations, Seismic LiveDocs and interactive content experiences called Microapps.

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