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LONDON January 4th, 2021 / Tectonic Proserv is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Tiled.

Adding Tiled’s leading Microapp technology into their range of sales enablement packages, Tectonic Proserv now provide a complete end-to-end sales enablement and creative content service.

“After a year of preparation and hard work from our talented team, I’m pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Tiled, the leading provider of Microapps,” said Phill Battersby, CEO, Tectonic Proserv.

Responding to buyer demand

Audiences are demanding new and immersive ways to engage with an organization’s content. Creating content that competes, that is easy to consume and can hold the reader’s attention has become the objective for marketing teams around the world. Through Tiled Microapps, businesses can create engaging and interactive content that customers can explore in their own time. This no-code solution combines all the benefits of interactive experiences (think websites and custom built apps) with the benefits of a document or presentation (low cost and effort to build).

“Buyers are more informed than ever and will often make their decision before they have spoken with a member of sales. Marketers need to make sure their content grabs buyers’ attention from their very first engagement,” said Battersby.

Studies have shown as much as 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from personalized experiences. “Tiled allows you to quickly and easily personalize your content to specific clients, immediately building a relationship. From there, Microapps provide users with an experience they can actively engage in and seek out the information relevant to them,” said Darrell Swain, CEO,

This solves several problems. Unlike static content, a Microapp is visually more appealing, engaging and memorable. Also, buyers can explore a service or product in their own time, seeking out the information that suits them. They aren’t put off by a wall of text.

New Tiled services from Tectonic Proserv

With this partnership, Tectonic Proserv can announce the immediate availability of the following services:

Tiled Subscriptions – businesses can purchase Tiled directly with Tectonic Proserv through exclusive annual or monthly subscription packages.

Tectonic Design Studio for Tiled – Creating interactive and immersive Microapps for individual projects.

Managed services for Tiled – Continuous creative support for customers wishing to continually build and maintain their portfolio of Tiled Microapps.

Premier Design Partner Award

Tiled are pleased to award Tectonic Proserv with their highest level design partner accreditation. “As an accredited Premier Design Partner, we are able to support design work not just for our own existing clients, but will also work with Tiled and their customers to help create and deliver world-class interactive experiences,” said Battersby.

“Working with Tectonic Proserv’s Design Studio has been very exciting. Seeing what their designers can do with Tiled is incredibly rewarding and really showcases the power of the Tiled platform,” – Chase Lindsley, Director of Business Development and Alliances, Tiled.

“We both recognise there is a growing market for personalized, interactive content. This partnership represents both companies’ commitment to providing access to highly skilled and professional Microapp designers who can deliver quality content on a global scale,” said Lindsley.

About Tectonic Proserv

Founded in 2018, Tectonic Proserv help organizations improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms. Our enablement design studio builds amazing presentations, LiveDocs and interactive content experiences called Microapps.

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Tiled is the leading provider of Microapps. They provide a content solution for modern times, allowing businesses and brands to turn content into interactive experiences. They have already worked with the likes of Skullcandy, Alder, Vivint and more.

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We improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms.


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