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LONDON January 4th, 2021 / Today, Tectonic Proserv have added a number of new services to their catalogue.

Over the last three years, Tectonic Proserv has built a successful enablement consulting and advisory practice, helping our clients design, build and deliver world-class enablement strategies. In this time, we have expanded to also deliver (and successfully implement) many global enablement platform projects. Our reputation in this area is second to none and our processes seen as best practice across the industry.

Today, we are pleased to announce four new services designed to help customers get operational, manage and maintain their enablement platforms as well as design and populate their platforms with amazing content and interactive experiences.

“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team, I’m pleased to announce the availability of new services designed enrich the world of sales enablement,” said Phill Battersby, CEO, Tectonic Proserv.

The sales cycle challenge

Despite working towards the same goal, marketing and sales do not always work together as harmoniously as they should. Furthermore, as a company grows their catalogue of marketing materials, finding the right pieces and getting them to the right clients can be challenging and lead to lost time as sales search for what they need. Things change and sometimes business rebrand. Material can swiftly become outdated.

Marketers can spend a lot of time working hard on pieces of content that never get seen or don’t have the desired effect. This leads to a lack of ROI on marketing materials that could hinder sales rather than help.

Sales teams often build heavy and unwieldy pitch decks and, in a lot of cases, these aren’t standardised, with individuals chopping and changing them time and again. This lack of consistency could swallow up time or prevent sales from closing deals in the long run.

As content catalogues grow out of control and individuals stick to their own customised content, building analytics and reliable reporting is next to impossible, relying mostly on anecdotal evidence. For many, the modern sales cycle is inefficient.

The solution

Tectonic Proserv’s range of sales enablement services addresses these problems and more. By organising and standardising content across the business, and providing easy access to sales, the cycle is made more efficient. Effective and engaging content decks can be created and managed effectively, with the content owner having full control, preventing having hundreds of versions of the same pitch.

Communications can be personalised and sent to the relevant contacts with just a click of a few buttons. Relevant content will be automatically recommended for individual contacts and analytic reports can be generated with a click of a button, through intricate LiveDocs. From this you can learn what content is working and what isn’t. Businesses can learn what stage customers get to and, subsequently, what might be putting them off.

The new services

“After a year building and successfully piloting these services with clients, we are thrilled to announce the following four new services to our customers.”

Enablement Platform Managed Services
Owning, managing, maintaining and governing an Enterprise enablement platform can be resource and cost intensive. Tectonic Proserv relieve this pressure, providing your business with a dedicated team of experts that ensure your enablement platform runs smoothly and at minimal cost. This is about ensuring you have the right skilled and trained people exactly when you need them – at the start of an implementation; to cover for internal and skilled staff changes, or to help deliver projects on-time when you are resource constrained.

Seismic LiveDocs Design Studio
Tectonic Proserv has a skilled team of designers on hand to build and maintain sales presentations and interactive content via Tiled microapps. Perfect for those either looking to outsource much of their marketing or looking to supplement their in-house team.

Sales Presentation and Microapp Design Studio
Tectonic Proserv has built a skilled team of designers on hand to build and maintain sales presentations as well as interactive content via Tiled microapps. This is perfect for those looking for expert sales presentation support or anyone looking to elevate their content into interactive design. We can deliver work by project, through a managed service arrangement and also supplement your in-house team.

Seismic LiveDocs Design Studio
Tectonic Proserv have opened their new Seismic LiveDocs Design Studio. They have a team of experienced journalists/copywriters available for use inside or outside of sales enablement platforms. Blogs, articles, brochures and more, the editorial and copywriting managed services can help any business build a robust content collection.

The combined services are available to any business, regardless of the enablement platform they are using. Each service is designed to deliver you the most value and offer a significant return on investment.

“All enablement platform customers can now come to Tectonic Proserv for a complete end-to-end service. We’ve wrapped experience sales enablement advice, implementation experts, dedicated designers, journalists and developers into simple packages. So, not only will customers get a smooth implementation process, they’ll get great management and content services ranging from news articles, sales presentations and LiveDocs to next-generation interactive experiences.’ – Phill Battersby, CEO Tectonic Proserv.

About Tectonic Proserv

Founded in 2018, Tectonic Proserv help organizations improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms. Our enablement design studio builds amazing presentations, LiveDocs and interactive content experiences called Microapps.

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We improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms.


Enablement Managed Services
Our enterprise-grade managed services provide expert resources to help run, operate and maintain your chosen enablement platform.
Creative Design Studio
Our enablement design studio builds amazing presentations, Seismic LiveDocs and interactive content experiences called Microapps.

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