When asked ‘what is interactive content?’, we find we can go on for ages listing the various possible uses, the benefits and all the behind the scenes tools. Unfortunately for us, people are usually looking for a short answer. One key issue with this is it’s a concept that’s a lot easier to ‘get’ when you see it. And trust us, people get it.

At Tectonic Proserv, we make interactive content in the form of microapps. A microapp is a new form of digital content created through the Tiled platform. It’s content that offers an interactive experience that audiences can explore in their own time. Take a look. At its simplest, we can take a simple PDF and turn it into something a bit more interesting.

Which do you think people are going to engage with more, that or a PDF? What is going to hold people’s attention more? And that was just something we threw together during an afternoon as an example.

Spruce up your marketing.

With so much content online it’s become hard to compete, so how are you going to keep your audience engaged with your material? The answer is to give them a story to explore in their own time.

When telling a story, the golden advice is always ‘show don’t tell’.  This definitely applies in marketing too. It’s not enough to show off a product and all its features in a PowerPoint or PDF. Marketeers need to adopt an exploratory storytelling approach that brings together value proposition and capabilities in ways that are demonstrably relevant to the audience.

The planning process…

The great news is that modern microapps and development tools (like Tiled) give marketeers or agencies the creative capability  to build interactive experiences at a reasonable cost, without the need for expensive coding.

Apps for every industry

Interactive content can perk up any part of a business. Events, hospitality, sports; the list goes on. Pretty much any industry can benefit from interactive experiences.

Holding an event? Why not send interactive personalised VIP invites and itineraries? They can include line-ups, introductions, greetings, articles, videos, maps etc. all personalized to individual VIPs.

If it’s a music event, perhaps include rehearsal footage or video interviews with band members. What about a business conference? Provide an in-event microapp to help audiences with real-time information about the exhibitors and any special sessions or offers that they may be planning to deliver on a particular day.

Perhaps you’re a small business struggling to create the content you want with website tools that are inflexible and expensive? Create microapps to best present your business, shop, bar, restaurant, take away or any other small business – microapps are amazingly flexible and easy to maintain way to engage your customers and promote your business.

The only limit for interactive experiences is the imagination.

Distribution made easy

Unlike physical content, a microapp doesn’t cost on postage, distribution or paper. Also, a microapp shouldn’t be confused with your own proprietary website. Microapps are specific items of digital content that can be independently used and distributed.

This means they are ideal for use in marketing campaigns or as a form of advertising. Using simple links you can send your content out via email, a WhatsApp message, embed it in your website or share it via social media. You can reach a wider audience with more effective content, cheaper and easier.

We’ve read all this and more…

Microapps are usually designed for specific form factors, meaning they are ideal for viewing on any device, at home or on the go, which is a bonus; your audience doesn’t have to be sat at computer to experience it.

Follow the data

Perhaps one of the best things about interactive microapps is the analytics behind it. All microapps generate a link that can be sent to individuals. When said individuals open this link you can see what they look at and for how long. This is a great way of finding out what is working and what isn’t.

Most importantly, microapps are an amazing enabler for sales people. Real-time insights to how their audience is using the content allows the salesperson to follow up at the optimum time to convert interest to closed business.

How to get started

At Tectonic, we provide small businesses access to the leading microapp provider, Tiled. We also design microapps for a wide range of different clients, of all sizes working in many different industries. You can either buy a license to Tiled through us, and start to create your own microapps or ask us to create an amazing interactive experience for you (most people go for the latter).

An app for all occasions

Wondering how to get started? Remember, you can make a microapp for just about any occasion. Marketing, training, sales or customer portals. Menus, newsletters, offers, e-zines, infographics or questionnaires – the list goes on. If you can imagine it, you can microapp it.

There’ll always be a place for static content, but just take a look at the top performing content you already have. Start to think of the different ways you can present this in an interactive way. I mean, half the work is already done, so it’s a good way to test the waters.

Stuck for ideas? Give us a call for a chat and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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