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Why you should join this session…
Ever thought about providing your clients with intuitive and personalised content portals? Those that do often report up to 10 times the amount of content engagement and significantly improved customer satisfaction. If you want to keep your most important customers coming back, you need to be providing them with their own portal that gives them access to everything they need – and your sellers insight on exactly what they are doing with the content.

Microapps are allowing companies to build client portals quickly and easily and without the need for developers. That means for marketing, they can create quickly, reduce development cost and replicate deployment.

What will you learn?
Join us and discover how you can quickly create client-facing portals through Tiled microapps. Learn all about microapp technology and the potential it has in terms of user experience.

You’ll hear from some key players in the industry who’ll share their success stories, and from expert designers who’ll take you through the process and showcase the power of microapps.

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