Microapps for Telesales

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Why you should join this session…

Is your telesales team struggling to reach its full potential? New agents finding it hard to pitch effectively to their contacts? An interactive microapp can enable your telesales team to maximise the potential of every call.

We are going to show you how you can create an interactive telesales experience that will help turn those dry, scripted pitches into engaging conversations. Aided by visual content, training, and armed with contextual story-telling, your agents can better explain your products or services.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how we take an excel-based telesales script and turn it into an intuitive and easy to use interactive telesales experience. This will help agents deliver a pitch-perfect call and secure that next qualified meeting.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • Why is your telesales approach struggling?
  • How interactive content can help telesales teams win
  • Demonstrations of ‘before and after’ telesales scripts
  • Myth-busting to answer the tough questions

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About us
We are a specialist enablement services supplier.
Our business is split into three main areas:


Consulting and Advisory:

We improve sales enablement strategies, as well as implement and manage leading enterprise-grade sales enablement platforms.


Enablement Managed Services
Our enterprise-grade managed services provide expert resources to help run, operate and maintain your chosen enablement platform.
Creative Design Studio
Our enablement design studio builds amazing presentations, Seismic LiveDocs and interactive content experiences called Microapps.

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